Coolsculpting eight step preparation

1: Before beginning treatment, your area of concern will be marked to ensure proper placement and size of the applicator.
2: A cool gel pad is placed over the area to protect your skin from the applicator.
3: This specially designed cooling applicator uses vacuum pressure to draw tissue into the cooling panels.
4: A few minutes after application, you will feel some pressure and coolness. This disappears after approximately 10 minutes.
5: The applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling that freezes your targeted fat cells. These fat cells are safely, gradually, and naturally eliminated from your body.
6: The treatment is comfortable, non-invasive, and there are no restrictions afterwards. This is a great time to relax or catch up on some good reading. Since we have two CoolSculpting machines, your treatment can occur in half the amount of time of most other centers!
7: After the one hour treatment, your skin will be red and raised. This is only temporary after the applicator is removed.
8: The treated area is massaged for a few minutes, and the skin goes down and returns to normal. Massage is a safe and effective way to further reduce the fat layer following a Coolsculpting treatment.

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